Making Youth Connections that provide Lifeskills

Parents and Students In Action oversees the Youth connection which has two afterschool programs within it, School Connections and Outdoor Adventures.

Parents and Students in Action is a small Non-Profit organization providing services to rural southeast Pierce County. PSIA with it's Youth Connection program serves the community with the following programs:

                             ·  Community Service
                             ·  After Schoool Programs
                             ·  Family Nights
                             ·  Youth Nights
                             ·  Spring & Summer enrichment camps
                             ·  Recreational & social activities.

The two largest are after school programs. School Connections and Outdoor Connections reach out to our local youth with hands on activities imparting "lifeskill" activities so critical for our future citizens. Over 600 youths are reached by PSIA programs.

Mission Statement:
The Youth Connection Endeavors to create a supportive environment for youth and families to accomplish their goals.