Funding of After-School Programs

There are many benefits to after-school programs. Students excel in academics as well as become more physically active, learn more, and acquire better social skills. Though funding by parents may be a challenge, the benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks. After-school programs have much impact on children and shape the next generation.

PSIA became a non-profit corporation with a 501 (c) (3) in 1989. PSIA received it's first grant in 1990. Grants and individual donations continue to be our primary source of funding. The program moved into the Eatonville Community Center in 1993.
We no longer receive free rent and utilities. We now do community service hours in trade of the use of office space from the town of Eatonville.

PSIA continues to provide recreational and social activities and performs community service projects for rural southeast Pierce County, covering 540 sq. miles. PSIA serves 600 + youth, teens and families. Activities include: "Youth Night" & "Open Gym" at the Eatonville Community Center, & "After-School" programs at Eatonville and Weyerhaeuser.